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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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Where are Oakworks products manufactured?
Oakworks products are manufactured in Pennsylvania in the United States using the best components available on the market. Motors and electric bases come from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany and some plywood, metal parts and UltraTouch upholstery come from Finland, China and Japan respectively.

Will I receive a manual or a video cassette of instructions with my product?
All Oakworks products come with an instruction manual. Only the Portal Pro III, the DeskTop Portal and the Performance lift also come with a videocassette.

Will there be parts to assemble in the product i have ordered?
Portable and electric tables require no assembly. Only the Clinician and Studio Clinician stationary tables will require some assembly. This will require an adjustable wrench and will take about 15 to 20 minutes. All accessories ordered at the same time as a table will be assembled by the manufacturer but must be installed by the user when ordered separately. A detailed guide is included whenever assembly is required.

Can I use your headrest on the table I have now, which is not an Oakworks?
Possibly. Oakworks headrests can be installed on all tables with mounting holes which are the right distance from one another. There is no standard in the industry. You much therefore insure that there is a distance of eight inches (20.32 cm ) between the holes. Each hole must also be 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) in diameter. Insertion rods are available if required.

Can I use a lateral armrest on the table I have now, which is not an Oakworks?
Oakworks lateral armrests are usually universal and can adapt to any kind of table. The velcro straps allow this flexibility.

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